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President Muhammadu Buhari set to increse Police salary
President Muhammadu Buhari set to increase Police Salary..

President Muhammadu Buhari has
promised to increase the salary,
allowances and pensions of the
Nigerian Police force.

Buhari spoke with members of the
Nigeria Police Service Commission and
the leadership of the Nigeria Police
Force who were on a “Thank You” visit
to the State House following his
approval of Rank Salary Structure
Adjustment, by which salary,
allowances and pension of policemen
will be increased.

He regretted that the inability of the
police in their constitutional role as the
frontline force in the prevention of
crime, had led to military involvement
in the maintenance of law and order
throughout the country

He said;

“From Taraba to Sokoto, to the
South-South, people don’t feel secure
until they see the military.
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