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HOT Top 100+ small scalebusiness ideas in Nigeria
There are myriads of business ideas in Nigeria. So do not sit around and play while others are busying making money. I would unveil more than 100 business ideas just for you.

  1.     Retailing of recharge cards
  2.      small-scale recharge printing in Nigeria
  3.      Distribution of kerosene to shops
  4.     Sales of bread
  5.     Catering business
  6.       frozen food sales
  7.      Painting of building
  8.       Sales of fried groundnut
  9.      Distribution of soft drinks to shops
  10.   Frying of akara
  11.   Fashion stylist
  12.   Automobile repairs and sales of automobile parts
  13.   Modeling and event ushering
  14.   Online phone store
  15.   Sales of phone and its accessories
  16.   Online computer store
  17.   Sales of computer and its accessories
  18.   Oil palm plantation
  19.   P.O.S machine business
  20.   Sales of handbags
  21.  Sales of ladies slippers
  22.   Sales of children wear
  23.  Repairs of broken appliances
  24.   Laundry service
  25.   Sales of books and other academic materials
  26. .  Sales of pen
  27.   Sales of handkerchief
  28.   Conducting tutorial lessons
  29.   Sales electrical appliance
  30.   Shooting online videos
  31.  Blogging
  32.   Selling of games and its gadget or accessories
  33.   Sales of sports wear
  34.   Sales of underwear
  35.   Brick laying
  36.   Sales of ceramics
  37.   Sales of fruits
  38.   Sales of cooking gas
  39.   MTN agents (Selling of MTN sim cards, Registration of MTN sim etc.)
  40.   GLO agents (Selling of GLO sim cards, registration of Glo sim etc.)
  41.  Airtel agents (Selling of Airtel sim cards, registration of Airtel sim etc.)
  42.   9mobile agents (Selling of 9mobile sim card, registration of 9mobile sim etc.)
  43.   Poultry business
  44.   Publishing and sales of small books such as story books, educational guides etc.
  45.   Selling musical instruments and its parts
  46. 46.  Distribution of noodles
  47.   Antique furniture sales
  48.   Restaurants business
  49.   Night clubs
  50.   Ice block production
  51.   Production and distribution of pure water
  52.   Nanny
  53.   Stock photography
  54.   Selling of torch lights, lamps etc.
  55.   Video games centers
  56.   Sports watching centers
  57.   Car wash business
  58.   Sales of jewelries
  59.   Makeup artist
  60.   Selling of feeds like chicken feed
  61.   Sales of earpiece and charger
  62.   Sales of honey
  63.   Personal fitness instructor
  64.   Private library service
  65. Transportation service
  66.   Bulk sms service
  67.   Distribution of garri to shops
  68.  Distribution of beans to shops
  69.   Distribution of rice to shops
  70.   Sales of metal that can be used as zincs and other purposes
  71.   Free lance writing
  72.   Social media marketing
  73.   Programming instructor
  74.  Fishery business
  75.   Mini-Importation
  76.   Sales of used cars
  77.   Cement sales and distribution
  78.   Computer training centers
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