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Native Doctor Claims To Help Women Restore Their Virginity...saying He Has The Power
A huge number of women have flocked to a native doctor who claims he can restore women’s virginity. Ever since the native doctor’s abilities became public knowledge, many women have approached him to seek his services.

The native doctor identified as Erdington Virimayi from Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, claims to be both a prophet and a traditional doctor. He also specializes in locking couples, giving enriching charms as well as enlarging men’s manhood.

According to Erdington Virimayi, restoring virginity was a very easy task for him.

He said: “I restore virginity to girls as long as they follow what I tell them to do. It’s just most men know me for enlarging manhood to the sizes of their choices but I also have a service for women.”

He also claims a soldier became the tall of the town after he enlarged his manhood.

He boasted: “He came back to me and thanked me for the service saying girls were falling over him after the service.
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