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How to Attract Girls
You may be wondering how to attract girls. There may be a girl whom you are interested in. You may want to talk to her and attract her towards you. You are just out of ways on how to do it. If the way you have chosen to approach her could work for you or not? What she may think about you? Are you enough smart to catch her attention? These may be some of the obvious questions running through your mind. Well, there are some basic tips to attract girls which you can follow. Read more to get to know the x-factor you need to attract girls.

How to Attract Girls

Tips on How to Attract Girls:

1) Project Confidence to Attract Girls

Confidence can attract girls towards you. It is an important trait of any individual’s personality. Girls can easily guess from your body language if you are enough confident or not. Suppose, you are confining yourself into a corner or fidgeting yourself “small” in your environment then it reflects that you are lacking confidence. You should adopt a confident body language. Behave in a controlled manner and stay calm. Take deep breaths if you feel nervous or uncomfortable.

2) Be Decisive to Attract Girls

Girls get attracted to influential guys who are very good decision-maker and take the lead everywhere. If you want to attract a girl towards you then remove fear from your mind and approach her like a pro. It will reflect immense self-confidence in your personality. If you are taking her out then make sure to know the destination beforehand. Plan a date for her and make her feel special.

3) Watch Out Your Hairstyle and Shoes to Attract Girls

Women are attracted to those men who have trendy hairstyles and a nice pair of shoes. For this, you should have a nice haircut suiting your personality. It should be fashionable as well. Similarly, you should wear a pair of shoes which go appropriately with your clothes and should be clean. A dashing personality comes out with up-to-date hairstyle and shoes. Definitely, you will ignite a spark in her eyes.

4) Talk and Walk Slower to Attract Girls

You may adopt a low pace walking style like you are walking underwater to present a calm and composed figure of yours before girls. Similarly, you should talk with a bit lower pace and imbibe some depth into it. It will give a dramatic effect to your way of talking. Any girl can get attracted towards you if you possess such qualities. Use your voice and your motion as the tools to impress her. These can do the magic for you.

5) Use Eyes-Feet Reflex to Attract Girls

You should approach a girl as soon as you find her interesting. Walk towards her wearing a nice smile on your face. She may be amused by finding a great guy standing before her. If you keep waiting for some or the other reason then you may miss the opportunity to take the lead and may creep her out. Use your spontaneity to impress her. The sooner you go to her, the better response you will get in return.

6) Make Her Laugh to Attract Girls

It doesn’t take much to attract a girl. Girls like to be in the company of a guy who can make them laugh out louder. A good sense of humor can be an attractive trait of your personality. You may use it to make her your fan. Try to make her laugh at the beginning of the conversation. It will make the moment lighter and she will be interested in your conversation. You can do this by teasing her playfully. Or just crack a hilarious joke. It will compel her to laugh in response to it.

7) Don’t Touch on First Meeting to Attract Girls

You shouldn’t be too touchy in your first meeting. In fact, you should keep off from touching her in your first meeting with her. It can ruin your impression. You may offer her a drink or you may give her a compliment regarding her attire or shoes or clutch. For developing trust, you should keep your sexual intent away for some time. Make her happy and make her feel special, she will get attracted to you. Treat her as a person and not as an object.

8) Stop Bragging about Yourself to Attract Girls

Girls may not like to waste their time listening to your achievements and success stories. Do not brag too much about yourself. Just a short introduction may work for you. You can ask about her friends and family. Get to know her and listen to her answers. Don’t get lost in your imagination as she does not have centuries to listen to you. She may think that you are only interested in sexual diversion. No women will come near to you having this doubt in her mind.

9) Drink in a Limit to Attract Girls

Girls may not want to hang out with a guy who is totally out of his senses after getting drunk. You should buy her a drink and take a drink for yourself if you are meeting in a bar. Now, keep your focus on her and on what she is saying to you. Do not drink above your limit. Otherwise, you won’t be able to present yourself in a better way. Moreover, the slurred speech and bad breath can be major turn offs. It could make her feel offended too. So, don’t make it a messy affair for you as well as for her. In the worst case, you may start talking about your Ex’s (if any) after getting drunk.

10) Be Real to Attract Girls

You don’t have to fake something about your character to impress her. She may get attracted to you initially but sooner she may get to know the real you. If you are genuine in your behavior then there will be higher chances of success. Women like to see the real side of yours and you should not try to impress them constantly. It will make you look like a desperate guy.
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