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Dear Mr Dino, one of your defendants claimed that age didn't allow you to participate in NYSC scheme but you countered the claim with a group picture where ONLY YOU was in blue short amongst other fellow corps members in that picture. My letter motive is not to question that, that is going to be for another day but I'll appreciate it if you can provide convincing response to the below queries.
1. As a serving Corps member presently obeying the clarion call in Jigawa state, my understanding of the NYSC mobilization procedures reveals that except in the case where relocation takes place, marriage (female only) or health issues, a corp member cannot serve in (a)state of his/her birth, and (b)state of schooling. Why was your own case differed? You claimed to have served in Kaduna the state where ABU your alma mater is located.
2. You uploaded a group picture to show you participated in NYSC. I, like many other inquisitive Nigerians expect you to have more than one picture. Kindly upload online at least 5 (five) different pictures of you taking part in Man 'O' War drills, parades, cultural events or any other camp's activities. Let this pictures show you in NYSC kits most especially Khaki and or Crested vest.
3. Kindly avail the Nigerians populace your verifiable place of primary assignment plus the names of at least 4 co-workers of yours in such organization. At least one of them should be a corps member who served with you in that place or place closer to it.
4. Kindly post online, your certificate of discharge to show you truly completed your NYSC year.
5. For the purpose of clarification, it will be appreciated if you can also upload online your first degree certificate and transcript just as you did with that group picture.
Sir, I must let you know that this letter and its contents have no sinister motives than to ascertain the truths behind your studentship and certificate scandal.
I'll be looking keenly to see your online response to this letter with documents requested for.
Yours in love of truth,
Bolaji Aladie
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