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Richmondberks is the current online investment that pays 1.4% for life on your investment. The site have thousands of users from all over the world.
You will get 110 USD upon your registration and you will be earning 0.05% Daily till you invest 10 USD which you will then be recieving 1.4% Daily for life!!!
Registration on Richmond berks takes few minutes. You can register here
Currently I have 111 USD on my account.

Why you should invest on Richmond becks (COPIED FROM RICHMONDBERKS SITE)

Quote:Our company has already been working in real estate auction market for eight years; you can trust us with your investments and be sure you will get a steady life income.
The innovative technology of working with investments “RichShare” allows us to use the clients’ money to trade on the real estate auction market with further profit making.
Our clients get profit in proportion with their investments, while the company gets a fixed percentage, which depends on the estate transaction costs.

Our company has
11 000 clients
Every day we buy real estate for more than
80 000 $
Every month we sell real estate for more than
4 200 000 $
We have work experience in real estate market more than
8 years’
Our clients have earned in 2016
2 800 000 $
This year we have opened offices
in 3 countries

In 2008 two
businessmen from
Colorado start
their work
at real estate market
In 2011 John Richmond
and Klint Berks earn their
first million dollars’
net profit.
[Image: line.png]
In 2009 the company
hires the first
specialists in its staff
In 2016 they create
a company named
Richmond Berks

  • [Image: mortarboard.png]Many years’ experience Eight years of working experience at real estate market
 Professionalism Our staff includes more than 2 500 specialists
  • [Image: telemarketer.png] Financial assistant Supports artificial intelligence technology
  • [Image: shield.png] Reliability Blockchain technology is implemented throughout the whole transaction system
  • [Image: diamond.png] Unique conditions Demand deposit with a fixed income
  • [Image: analytics.png] Relevance We always have the latest and the most reliable data
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