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Get .com domain name for N300
In this technology era, everybody wants to be a blogger, a website designer, etc. The fact is the much spent on Internet yearly in countries of the world today is much than the more we spend on food.

Almost 30% of the total of those visiting websites in the world wants to have one. This is not possible though because even if knowledge is packed into human soul,not all human can be brilliant. 

So to make things affordable for users aspiring to have a website.. I personally conducted a research on how to get a domain name for free... But during the course of my research I found out there can't be free TLD name (like but domain name like ( This surely is very long and not all users will be convinient with this kind of long name. 

The domain registrer company have the cheapest domain name for 0.99$... Cheap? One of the most oldest domain register in the work. 

You can get a domain name for as low as 0.99$ from This may look like magic but it's real. Godaddy .com have started to sell domain names for 0.99$ or 99 cent (not upto a dollar) its been like a year plus. But the service seems hidden somehow.. I was able to get this.. As is a beneficiary of 99 cent Domain name. 

One thing most users are concerned of is security. As far as Godaddy is concerned, there transaction and everything about them is secured and very fast.

[Image: 3ykK7L.jpg]
Firstly, visit here or
After that, select ur preferred domain name, and proceed to checkout. Enter ur details, and make payment.. 
That's all. Ur domain name will be up in few minutes. 
You can comment below if u have issues anywhere.. 

Stay tuned next post coming on best new free hosting... 1gb space, 25gb bandwidth and 25 emails... Stay tuned and please signup.. 
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Thanks alot
(04-24-2017, 09:32 PM)Caleb Wrote: Thanks alot

You see welcome Bro... How I wish people come here to gain from this..

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