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Airtel April 2019 Cheat
I  will like to call this Airtel Reversal Data Cheat. I present to you Airtel March/April 2019 Data Cheat.

In this post, I will teach you how you can pay for data, use it and get back you money. 

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What Is Airtel Reversal Data Cheat
Airtel NG launched a new service that enables users to reverse the money used in subscribing for data. Sounds crazy?

For instance if you subscribed N1000 for 1.5GB, you can reverse the money after 24hours provided that you didn't use the main data. Simple as ABC...

How To Activate Airtel Reversal Data Cheat
  • Get a 4G SIM, it's advisable to get a new sim to get awoof brekete. 
  • Send 'MIFI' and then, 'GET' to 141 to activate double data bonus. 
  • Subscribe to your desired data plan.
  •  Dial *140# to check your bonus and don't forget to only
  • After 24hrs, reverse the initial money you used in subscribing by dialing *121*6# and your data will be reset as well.
  • Subscribe again with your reversed Airtime and use only the bonus data. 
  • Repeat same procedure after 24hrs.
Caution! Avoid subscribing to a package that has night plan inclusive.

That's all for now. Hope you found this post helpful? 

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