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12 Signs to Know If a Shy Girl Likes You?
Everyone knows that girls are very mysterious and it is very hard to know whether a girl likes you or not. Guys always make the first move, they openly admit their feelings to a girl they like. Guys often focus on building their self confidence but they forget that girls can be shy as well. If a girl is shy then it doesn’t mean she cannot go into a relationship. They might be the most beautiful girl in their town. Shy girls want the same things that other girl wants. They also want success, friends, and love but the difference is that they don’t put themselves out there in order to get it. Shy girls don’t tell you directly but they show some signs that she is interested in you. Read this article, you will get some tips to know if a shy girl likes you.
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Best Ways to Know If a Shy Girl Likes You:
1. Notice When She Makes Eye Contact
Eye contact shows human interaction and it so happens when people feel romantically inclined with someone. If she maintains eye contact longer than normal or you notice her staring at you more frequently, then this could be a sign that she is interested in you. Eye contact also creates bond and if she is purposely holding the gaze then it means she is into you.
  • Even shy girls make eye contact if they are into you. They might turn away when you catch them looking at you. Shy girls don’t stare at you openly.

2. Notice Her Jealousy to Know If a Shy Girl Likes You
Some shy girls may get jealous if you flirt with other girls. When you talk to other girls, she may become irritated with you or may get hurt when you are not there for her. If you find her getting jealous then that means she likes you. If a girl is getting jealous then it is a clear hint that she is into you. You can give more attention to her friends to check out if she is jealous or not.
  • When you are around her, she will blush if she likes you. Notice her reddened cheeks and face. If she has red face around you, she is hiding deeper feelings.

3. Notice Her Wardrobe to Know If a Shy Girl Like You
If she starts to dress up in special clothes when you hang out or she starts wearing makeup, then this means she is dressing just to impress you. Shy girls often avoid makeup. If suddenly they start wearing makeup then this is a good sign. When you find her looking in the mirror, this is a strong indication she may have a crush on you. She wants to catch your eye with an amazing dressing sense. You can notice her change in behavior only after a while you meet her. Also note that she would not bother to dress uo for anyone else.
4. Signs a Shy Girl is Interested: She Leans at You
If you find her leaning in close to you when you are talking and tilting her head while you speak, this is a good sign of interest and engagement. She is accidentally touching you while you are conversing. This is a very strong body language which conveys that the person leaning over is totally into you.
  • Girls often expose their wrists when they physically or romantically interested in a guy. If she only touches your arm or holds your hand in a crowd that means she looks to you for support on a deeper level.
  • It is very common for a shy girl to initiate physical contact.

5. Notice If She Compliments You
When a girl compliments you, she is interested in you. Look if she compliments your shoes, your outfit, your smile or your hair cut, this could be her way of showing you that she is interested in you to pay attention. If you find her compliments genuine, then this is a good sign. If everyone else misses out your haircut she would never do that. This is indeed a great sign to predict what is in her heart.
  • When you compliment her, she starts blushing. If she blushes then she may be crushing on you.

6. Signs a Shy Girl is Interested: She Laughs at Your Jokes
Most of the guys are fun loving and interesting. Everyone knows your jokes are superb. When this shy girl laughs at all of your jokes, she is into you. Or check if she laughs at everyone’s jokes? If that is the case then she may or may not be into you.
  • If she peppers your conversation with her laugh at your wit and charm, it means she wants you to like her. Laughing more with you than others can be a love. This is the way to know if a shy girl likes you.

7. Notice If She Shows Her Interest in Things You are Interested in
If a shy girl starts doing activities which you like the most, it means she is into you. When you find a shy girl in classes, clubs or activities that you enjoy, it shows she is trying to get you to notice her. See if she wants to build common interests to make the connection stronger. She will try to know more about what you are up to these days. If you also find her asking if she can come along with you while you do your favorite things. She just wants to be with you and also enjoys your company.
8. Notice If She is Around You to Know If a Shy Girl Likes You
If you find her around you every time or everywhere then she likes you. She hangs out with your friends or she eats at the same restaurant where you eat or she goes to the same parties. You have some hobby or interest and now she has obsessed that hobby. If she does so, she is really interested in you or she likes you. Almost all the places you will find her accompanying you if she could.
9. Notice If She Smiles at You to Know If a Shy Girl Likes You 
Smiling is the natural human reaction that can be difficult to understand. If she is shy or smiles at you then don’t treat her smile as the sign of interest. Maybe she smiles just because she likes you. If she often smiles towards everyone that means this is her way to interact with people. But if she mostly smiles at you, while looking into your eyes and blush that means she is showing her interest in you.
10. Ask Through a Mutual Friend to Know If a Shy Girl Likes You
Shy people are afraid to say directly, so asking her through a note passed on or through a mutual friend save you from unnecessary detective work. There is nothing wrong if you ask someone if she likes you or not or if a shy girl is interested in you or not. If you also like her or you want to have a relationship with a shy girl then you can ask her directly.
  • Shy girls are very reserved and keep their crush a secret even from their good friends. It is important to take the time to read your situation to see if this type of inquiry is a good situation.

11. Signs if a Shy Girl is Interested: She will Start Applying More Makeup
Although shy girls are not attention seekers and are never interested in drawing attention from others, so they often avoid things which may automatically grab the eyes towards them and Makeup is one of those things. This makes them keep away from wearing any makeup. But, a girl who suddenly starts wearing makeup and tries to linger around you, this means that she is interested in you and wants you to consider her attractive. This way she will give you a hint that she is interested in you and will also manage to seek your attention, without even uttering a word, which justifies her shy behavior.
12. Signs if a Shy Girl is Interested: You will Hear Giggles From Her Friends Group
If you pass by your girl’s group of friends and you will hear whispers and giggles in your direction, this means they were talking about you! Don’t be alarmed, as this just means they know their friend likes you and are excited for her. This will eventually give you a hint that the girl is interested in you and want to take a step further.

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