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Nigerian arrested for punching Thai cop in Bangkok
Photo grab from Video shows Edalere Abioye and his landlord fighting in Bangkok

[Image: 0da7ed253ebbf7f073d7cc36a6dbf405.jpg]
Thai police have arrested a Nigerian for assaulting an officer on duty. The Nigerian, identified as Edalere Abioye accidentally punched a patrolman trying to break up a dispute between him and his landlord.

Abioye was apprehended after he was subdued by a large group of people as he tried to get away.

Police Col Jessada Khumsarttra said that Abioye was having a heated argument with his landlord over rent.

He threw a punch intending to hit the landlord and accidentally hit the police officer, who jumped in between.

Police charged Abioye with assaulting a policeman on active duty.

The incident came to light on September 2 after clips of the fight went viral on Thai social media.
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