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Mtn Latest 0.0kb cheat using datareset
Recently mtn strip 100% data bonus to 20%. When the data bonus was still active majority of Nigerians stick to the databonus... 
However since the databonus have been stripped, we present to you latest mtn free browsing cheat using mtn known 
I am not the original cracker of the cheat, #The Kudos should be given to @Phyzyprogrammer.. 

Now to business, to rock the mtn 0.0k free browsing you need the following 
  • MTN sim
  • Psiphon or any AVAILABLE mode VPN
  • And your number 36 (Brain)
You can download Psiphon here

After downloading Psiphon, proceed to the following steps
  1. Make sure your phone configuration is at default. 
  2. Open your Psiphon and configure as follow:
  • Tick/mark remove port Option. 
  • Proxy Type: Real Host. 
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Type: Default
  • Port : 80
  • Click OK , a pop up will appear with two options down below it Click the one With "Tunnel Whole Device" . 
  • Tick and click on "I trust" if prompted to and if you are not, you are free to go. 
  • Now click on more options then click connect through http
  • insert host address:
  • port 8080. 
  • then select any proxy servers and connect fast! Or leave at best performance as it used to be by default... 
Connect to enjoy, don't forget to join our forum for more... 
Reply below if you have any issues.. 
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