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After waec conversations
After the released of WASSCE results
 This is the conversation between Kofi and his father
 Father: Kofi I learnt the results are in
 Kofi: yes papa
 Father: have you checked yours?
 Kofi: yes Dad
 Father: so what is your grade?
 Kofi: dad have you seen that fair school perfect?
 Father: yes
 Kofi: he has failed
 Father: am talking about yours
 Kofi: do you know the guy who sharks in our class?
 Father: yes
 Kofi: he too failed
 Father: what about yours?
 Kofi: do you know that guy who always work maths like his head is dead?
 Father: yes 
Kofi: he too failed ooo
 Father: am talking about you your own
 Kofi: aba Dad if all this people failed you expect me to perform magic?
 Gud evening to you all!!
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