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When discussing NASA and especially its problems, we know that the ordinary people like most of us can hardly indulge in a quality talk because after all, it’s NASA. It’s a dream of many to target NASA as an organization to work for and I think that almost everyone of us might agree with this.

But you would be surprised and obliged at the same time, to know that NASA is asking for your help.
Let’s know what it is about!
NASA will award the helper with $30,000 (£24,000)

But what could certainly be the thing that NASA could not solve or is unanswerable to?
It is: “If you can figure out a better way for the astronauts to go toilet in space.
And it is termed as the “Space Poop” solution.
They use the funnel device to urinate and a vacuum to poop at the International Space Station.

NASA astronaut Richard Mastracchio says, “This is an important problem to solve for the future mission.”
And sometimes it takes a few days to get to the base.
And in an emergency, they have to wear pressure suits, which do not even allow them to scratch their noses.
Therefore, NASA wants ideas for systems of in-suit waste management.

Because adult diapers are only a temporary solution that doesn’t provide a protective and healthy option for more than one day.
And that is why they are terming us, the ordinary people, as ‘Inventors’

We have the time until December 20, 2017, to submit our ideas.
NASA will test the ideas within a year and is planning to implement them by 2020.

So if you are a creative thinker and want some extra cash, do participate in this competition which comprises of three winning concepts.

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