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According to a recent report, fake eggs are being produced and people are buying it from the market for consumption without knowing its fake.

In March, a lady in India distinguished as Anita Kumar, documented a police protestation after she found that the eggs she purchased spread out like plastic in container. She had to burn the egg shells and she amazingly discovered they were inflammable. 

Fake eggs have practically zero nutritious esteem contrasted and the genuine egg. 

The shells of the eggs are made of 'plastic-like materials', while the egg yolk and egg white are made of sodium alginate, alum, gelatin, calcium chloride (NaCl), water and sustenance shading. 

As indicated by specialists, making fake eggs utilizing chemicals is not a major ordeal. The dread is that unsafe chemicals, for example, Benzoic Acid and Mercury might be utilized to make the yolk. These chemicals can influence the liver and even cause tumor. 

While it might be somewhat hard to separate amongst fake and genuine eggs, these seven things can offer assistance: 

1. The shell of fake eggs are shinier than genuine ones. In spite of the fact that this is not effortlessly detectable. 

2. When you feel the external shell of fake eggs, it is a tad bit rougher than the genuine egg. 

3. Shake the egg before breaking it. In the event that you hear a few clamors inside the shell (water flooding), then it is a fake one. 

4. Tap the egg gently. The sound will be crisper if the egg is genuine. 
5. On the off chance that the egg is fake, the egg yolk and egg white will combine when you break it and pour on a dish. This is on account of they are both made of a similar crude materials/chemicals. 

6. The genuine egg has an alternate odor from the fake ones. 

7. Put the shell ablaze. In the event that the egg is fake, the shell will burst into flames or begin dissolving like plastic.

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