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Check out the new featureS on Facebook
The new feature of Facebook's messenger is Facebook messenger game which was first introduced around November 2016 but was limited to some regions. The good part is that the games are now available in all regions and countries for both android and iOS users.
[Image: Finally-Facebooks-Messenger-Games-Are-No...96x365.png]
Also, Facebook has made some adjustments and also added new features, one of which is the new mode of play. Now two people can play against each other and one of the games to first adopt this new feature is "words with friends".

Some of the other features that are included in this new update are Ranking tables, tournaments, bot-driven game messages (software designed to simulate human actions) and improved game visuals.

Facebook has also increased the number of games you can play on the messenger app toaround 50. Some of the available games are EverWing, Solitaire, Pac-Man, Bingo, Snake, Space Invaders, Word a lot and many more.

So if you have the Facebook messenger app on your android or iOS smartphone, then you can go ahead and update to the latest version to enjoy the available games irrespective of your region.
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