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How to use airtel operamini subscription to stream YouTube.
With the recent cheat unleashed here
Also, you can subscribe to airtel operamini, Facebook and whatsapp using *688# and selecting the subscription type you are convinient with.. 

To get the best from airtel social or should I call it operamini subscription, you need to follow the following steps. 

Note: by default operamini data saving prevent some Javascripts from loading in order to save data. However, this may make some site look bad without Javascript.
  • Download the latest version of operamini. A link coming soon.. Stay stick to this post replies.. A link to download the latest version will be posted there
  • Install the latest version. 
Kindly sign-up and register on our forum ( to start sharing posts too, however it's through this we can be motivated to write unique posts.
  • Confirm and make sure your device apn is Though by default on majority of device it's that
  • After downloading and installing your operamini successfully.. Open settings
  • Goto data savings and change from automatic, extreme to off or high.
  • After the above, then you can stream YouTube and any other videos free and easy. 
If you are experiencing any issue or lost somewhere, kindly use the reply button below.. Thanks for you attention. Share with as much Nigerians as you can. 
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