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Broken Heart

My! Oh!  My!  Oh!  My! 
Please tell me why oh!  Why! 
What could I have done ?
Where could I have gone wrong?
For her to deny me love.

We were good together 
But the change in her attitude I cannot decipher 
I might have offended her in a way
But my love surpasses any wave 
And for her I can do anything grave.

Thinking of you night turns to day.
I think of you every single night and day.
Girl you're the one I'm looking for.
You give me joy and so much more.
I'll be here for you forever more.

My love for you Is till eternity 
And no one can stop this affinity.
My feelings towards you is like a diamond 
That is expensive to afford.
I'll write you an epithalamium greater than that of Edmund.

Forgive me my dear one 
My heart keeps telling me you're the chosen one.
The tears on your face taunt me,
The anger in your heart hurts me,
Only your forgiveness can save me.

Heart Nice poem
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