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The question on the lips of Uranians currently is that will the currency rise back on its feet?
I am not the administrator of the currency nor am I a member of the regulatory committee. I am rather a little investor who invest all his fortunes on UR waiting for it to be back on its foot.

According to research conducted by me.. the currency is popular already but the issue with the currency currently are the dumpers..

The dumpers are those who register on UR just to sell or trade to other currencies..
I visited many trading site trading UR but to my greatest surprise, some are even selling UR less than the value of the currency...That is really bad Cry . Because the result is nothing than devaluation of the Currency.

The system of the currency can be understand by a lay man...Its just like an economic theory "the more scarce a product is, the more valuable it becomes".

Putting the US dollar as a case study, if more dollars are produced and more of it is in circulation, surely, the currency will lose value... The scarcity of dollar in Nigeria and for Nigerians is leading to the devaluation of Naira.

In just few weeks time, the currency will be back on its feet (that is if everything is still equal).

In January 2017, the currency suffers most damage as it even less than 0.00000030btc... As at the time of writing this post, the currency is at 0.00000053btc.

The Crypto in November/December and February/March gain radical increase in value as it was sold for not less than 0.00001200btc :) . The great fall was a damage caused by Dumpers....

I will however, implore all URANIANS to keep the currency in there wallet or in cryptopia wallet..till the currency gain more value than ever before..The admins are not watching too as best measurement has been taken against dumpers Cool .

[Image: hfd9ba.jpg]

Dont wait... Learn how to Sign Up on UR here
What is UR here.

To make UR rise radically, BUY UR, DONT SELL....KEEP TILL IT GET MORE VALUE. You are not helping your present with the "keeping" but your future... I SEE FUTURE IN UR....

Donation is highly welcome to my UR ADDRESS: "0xef865a0807b84df4c3013a009d4786a1e45ff6df"
Or to my email: ""

[b]Register and Post on gistladen forum on UR.....[/b]
Dont hesitate to join the discussion,signup in less than 3 min.
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