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A hat-trick or hat trick in games is the accomplishment of a goal three times in an amusement, or another accomplishment in light of the number three in a few games. 
In affiliation and rugby football, the scoring of two goals or tries by one individual in a solitary match is alluded to as a brace.
The term initially showed up in 1858 in cricket, to portray H. H. Stephenson's bringing three wickets with three continuous conveyances. Fans held an accumulation for Stephenson, and gave him a hat purchased with the proceeds. The term was utilized as a part of print without precedent for 1865. The term was in the long run embraced by numerous different games including hockey, affiliation football, water polo and team handball.
A hat trick happens in association football when a player scores three goals (not really back to back) in a solitary amusement, while scoring two goals constitutes a brace. Just the same as other authority record-keeping rules, goals in a punishment shootout (penalty) are rejected from the tally. The additional time in a knockout glass match may likewise be ascertained towards a player's potential hat trick. The quickest recorded time to score a hat trick is 70 seconds, a record set by Alex Torr in a Sunday group amusement in 2013. The past Guinness world record of 90 seconds was held by Tommy Ross playing for Ross County against Nairn County on 28 November 1964.
The first hat trick in a international game was by Scottish player John McDougall, against England on 2 March 1878. American player Bert Patenaude scored the first hat trick in the FIFA World Cup, against Paraguay in the inaugural occasion. Two hat tricks have been scored in a final, by Geoff Hurst for England in the 1966 last amid additional time against West Germany, and Carli Lloyd against Japan in the 2015 Women's World Cup final. Lloyd's was the quickest hat trick scored in a World Cup last, however in the prior qualifying stages, Fabienne Humm of Switzerland had accomplished a significantly speedier hat trick, in the 47th, 49th and 52nd minutes against Ecuador.
Football has likewise extended the term to incorporate the expression consummate hat trick, accomplished when a player scores one right-footed goal, one remaining footed goal and one headed goal inside one match.
In Germany, the term (lupenreiner) Hattrick ("immaculate hat trick") alludes to when a player scores three goals in succession in one half without the half-time break or an objective scored by another player meddling the execution.
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