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Tips to increase your battery life
This article is going to introduce users to tips on how to increase your battery life...Make your battery stronger :D

1. Turn On the Battery Saver Mode
Every portable PC is furnished with a battery saver mode or economy mode which puts the machine in a low power usage state. The processor, memory, hard drive, et cetera all start eating up less power by decreasing their execution. This empowers you to expand the time before the battery fails horrendously. 

2. Reduce the Screen Brightness
Moreover with any electronic gadget including your wireless, you should reduce the brightness of your PC screen. Most present day portable PC screens are LEDs and to giver the user ease reading on the screen more brightness is needed. however, the default lowest brightness is okay for an average PC indoor. It should be noted that the more the brightness the more power the system will consume

3. Kill or Off Unused Devices 
Unless you are using them, kill or off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in light of the fact that these are radio gadgets which exhaust a ton of battery power. Moreover, you can similarly remove unused peripherals like external bluetooth modules, mouse module, etc

4. Cut down the Resolution 
As earlier said the more the brightness the more the PC consumes power, here in PCs which contain high resolution screens draws a lot of battery power; reducing the resolution to a lower level will help the life of the battery.

5. Switch-off the Keyboard's Backlight
Unless you don't have a portable PC installed with keyboard back-light, if you do, its fancy but, it consumes a lot of Battery power. Its advisable to remain switched off.

6. Close Any Unnecessary Apps and Processes 
Hardware is not by any methods the main fragment exhausting your battery, it is the applications too. So it's ideal to shut down all the unused applications that are running in background. 

7. Do whatever it takes not to Let Your Laptop Overheat 
Do you use your portable PC on your bed, blanket, or cushion? Given this is valid, chances are you chance hurting the battery and the internal parts of the PC; irrational warmth won't simply reason hurt, yet will condense the battery life as well. Thusly, put your portable PC on a hard surface like a work zone or a table and if you are feeling incovenient, use an advantageous table like a lapdesk. 

Also, clean and remove dirts on the ventilation ports, fans, and air vents of a tablet which hinders the glow from escaping. Covering the vents with compacted air helps in upgrading the execution and increasing the battery life of a portable workstation.
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