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Hello guys, MTN 0.0KB free browsing cheat is back again this time on Syphonshield VPN so you now have an extra option to support Glo unlimited cheat and and Etisalat 0.00kb which gives free 60mb on daily basis.
[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

As usual, I will provide the working Syphonshield settings for this MTN cheat so that you configure yours and enjoy like others but before then, I would like to drop a rather disappointing information which is... This cheat is SIM selective! In other words, it doesn't work on all MTN lines so pray yours is among the ones that connects.

For some months now, there haven't been any loopholes on this network as the network ISPs are trying their best to fix issues with their network which results to free browsing tweaks. By revealing some of these loopholes, we are also helping the network providers to buckle up and correct their errors so it's a win win situation.

Having said that, let me remind our new visitors about this wonderful app called Syphonshield (Syphon app). Two years ago, it was one of the best VPN apps we used to rock Etisalat, Airtel and MTN unlimited cheats but it later dropped down the pecking order after the introduction of new tweakware, stark and AnonyTun vpn apps. But right now, it seems the neglected stone will now be the chief conner stone so we will be making use of this great app for mtn free browsing in 2017 once again.


✔ It's totally unlimited
✔ You don't need data or airtime to power it
✔️ Once connected, it works on all apps
✔ Most times, it's very stable
✔ You can use it on PC with the help of PdaNet
✔️ No need for premium servers and premium accounts


✔ It doesn't work on all SIM cards
✔️ Sometimes it disconnects frequently
✔️ The configuration is manual so it's not pre-configured as in Tweakware

But take advantage and try for yourself and see if you are randomly selected to gain access to it. It's not a new free browsing. its an old tweak that doesn't want to give up so it resurfaced again.


✔ Your Android device
✔️ MTN SIM with 0.00kb balance
✔ Strong 3G network
✔️ Syphonshield app


✔ First of all,
download Syphonshield VPN (Syphon App)
✔️ Launch the app and configure it as follows:

✔ Tick/mark remove port

✔ Proxy Type: Dual Real Host

✔ Proxy Server:

✔ Real Proxy Type: HTTP

✔ Port : 80

[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

✔ Tap OK, a pop up will appear with two options down below it Click the one With "Tunnel Whole Device" .

[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

✔ Now click on "more options" then click connect through http

✔ Then enter host address:

✔ Port 8080

[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

✔ Finally, select United States as your region and connect fast!

Dont hesitate to join the discussion,signup in less than 3 min.
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