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Did you know hackers can be paid 1 Billion Naira without EFCC able to catch them?
Have you ever seen a place over N200 million worth coins is being transferred from someone to another person?
A post uploaded earlier on Bitcoin can explain this assertion a little bit....but did you know, there are hundreds of people that are rich in Nigeria that cant
explain where they get their money from?
[Image: vnguiI.jpg]
There was a transaction on January 18 2017, at exactly 6:59am, the transaction is between one bitcoin user and another and its the largest bitcoin transfer so far. Over 350 Bitcoins ( Over $313,000 USD) was moved from one account to another. 
[Image: RnFaQC.jpg]
So wheres is EFCC and other anti-corruption agency? They can never catch those users except they reveal evidence for the ownership of the address...
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First of all, this article lacks basis. You cant tell the senders / location of the people involved in this transaction. So whats your basis for thinking the EFCC should be involved? Secondly, are you aware that exchanges and bitcoin miners also move large volumes of bitcoins? So why do you think this transactions are between individuals? This screenshot looks like something you got from the blockchain recent transactions stream. Your article is simply clickbait and lacking in intelligence / facts. #fakenews
But either it's a miner or not, what i am really saying in that article is that, not all "transactions in the world" can be regulated by anti-corruption bureaus or financial regulation body.
You can't either make it tenable that the transaction is between miners too..
Also miners involve individuals that take risk, a person or more may be a miner of bitcoin. So did they pay tax or have a registered organization before receiving such big amount of coins?
I will like to get more comment from you because I think I can learn somethings from you. Thanks for you comment Boss

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