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Google to block rooted Android phones
Prior a month ago, Netflix blocked clients who are using rooted android devices from getting to their application and many individuals were incensed about it. Despite the fact that individuals root their devices keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to get to some additional elements and claim full responsibility for the device.  

Here is the most recent advancement which sounds like terrible news. Google's most recent update to the Google Play Console, as refreshed amid Google IO 2017, incorporates a Safety Net toggle. This toggle is one of numerous which give developers an exceptionally basic method for enabling a few elements to be good with the applications they make, and others to be kicked from the pack. 

As Google recommends in their Android Developersdocumentation, "SafetyNet gives an arrangement of administrations and APIs that help ensure your application against security theft, including device altering, awful URLs, possibly hurtful applications, and fake clients."

SafetyNet checks for the following Device Status:

1. Certified, genuine device that passes CTS
2. Certified device with unlocked bootloader
3. Genuine but un-certified device, such as when the manufacturer doesn’t apply for certification
4. Device with custom ROM (not rooted)
5. Emulator
6. No device (protocol emulator script)
7. Signs of system integrity compromise, such as rooting
8. Signs of other active attacks, such as API hooking. 

In other words, if your Android device is rooted, or an emulator, has an opened bootloader, or about six other comparable, related components – it will naturally come up short the uprightness test. You won't have the capacity to get to some major applications from the playstore with the exception of generally sideloaded. 

To put it plainly, on the off chance that you are using a custom rom, you are not an exception. The uplifting news is, you can simply download applications from outsider webpage and sideload it to your device.
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