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Pros and Cons of N-Power
The federal government re-opens the N-Power registration for 2017 applicants. It is very crucial we discuss the pros and cons (Disadvantages and Advantages)  of the scheme  to enlighten both the graduate and non-graduates in the country. 

We will like to start with the advantages of the scheme. The following are the advantages we are able to gather from our analysis.
1. It helps to empower and equip young Nigerians with relevant and modern technical skills and certification so they can start-up a business or become innovators in both the local and global market and as well make a positive impact in boosting the economy of Nigeria.

2. N-power recruitmentment helps to reduce the current level of unemployed graduates and non-graduates in Nigeria. Nigerian youths will start getting busy with something productive and profitable other than sitting at home and wasting their intellectual resources and also battling with Frustration, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.
3. It is a great opportunity for fresh graduates who are willing to startup a business of their own to save more money for capital in addition to their little savings from the monthly allowance given to them during their youth service by the government.
4. Unlike companies or organizations that will invite graduates seeking for a job for an interview and will employ only a few to fill up the available vacant positions, N-power 2017 scheme recruits more than 500,000 graduates. So, there is a high possibility you will be among the applicants that will be recruited.
5. Apart from the regular N30,000 monthly salary given to them by the federal government, graduates who are able to scale through all the verification exercises would also be entitled to receive the credit device facility under the scheme.

Disadvantages of N-Power Scheme in Nigeria
1. The registration methodology seems too stressful and not well organized. Problems like page not loading, Site not available etc may be encountered while going through the registration process on their official website. Though the problem has been reported severally, there is still no sign of amendment when the N-power portal was re-opened this year. June 2017.

2. Another disadvantage is that after the Npower web-based test, only few who are lucky are deployed in programs like N-power Health, N-power Agro, N-power tech where skills can be acquired while the other unlucky applicants are deployed as teachers
3. You are compensated with a monthly salary of just N30,000 as a reward for a job well done. Is that not too small?
4. Another issue is that you can be deployed to a place far away from your residential address despite the fact you filled your address properly on the N-power portal during registration. This only happens on few occasions though.
5. Lastly but not the list, please note: Npower scheme is not a permanent one but for just a period of two years. The hustle for a good, secure and paying job will definitely continue for some youths after passing through the scheme.
Dont hesitate to join the discussion,signup in less than 3 min.
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