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I have always been an advocate of time-based data plan based on the fact that I can download up to 1gb in 20 minutes if the speed is Outta Local places. It will be a great disappointment when one has large file to download but the speed is slow like Glo unlimited free browsing.

Airtel earlier in 2015 introduced timely based data plan, I was their main users since you can download unlimitedly with it for 1hour with just N180… But something turned out badly, they increase the cost and the data plan "kicked the bucket". 

Consequently, however, Etisalat assumed control from where Airtel ceased, present their own one of a kind time-based data plan called BlazeOn, fueled by Comptel's FWD solution. Etisalat believes that "Most Internet clients in Nigeria don't know how much data they devour while surfing or streaming", henceforth the dispatch of BlazeOn, an android application which you can download.

BlazeOn Data Plans
You can get 10min for N50, 15min for N70, 30min for N120 or go for the 1hour for N200 plan. It should be noted that you can download unlimitedly until your time expires.

How to get this plan
Download BlazeOn here.
Install and set up the application and you are good to go.

I’ll only recommend this plan if you have something heavy to download and Etisalat speed in your location is superb.
Dont hesitate to join the discussion,signup in less than 3 min.
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