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LET ME GO (part 3)
My boss has given me a one week leave and he said i will be traveling to Dubai for a contract signing, after my leave,Amina looked at him,that's ok she said,Aminu was surprise,what could be wrong with Amina,how can she just accept this news without any complain,Amina are you sure,he asked again,she said yes,am sure,its ok.
Aminu's week leave started,he spent all his time with his wife and kids,he made them happy and special,finally a day was left for his trip ,that night after Amina had put the kids to bed,she went to bed early,Aminu came into the room after watching the evening news,He lay on the bed,he was about to sleep when he had Amina sobbing,Amina what is wrong,why the tears,Aminu asked,she sat up she looked at him and she hugged him,Amina why are you like this,the trip is just for a week,I will be back in no time,she couldn't control her tears,she held her husband tightly,Amina loved Aminu so much,she always wanted him around.Aminu got up from the bed went beside her carried her from the bed and took her to the bathroom to clean her face filled with cattarh,Amina,Aminu called,I love you,I love you so much baby,pleas don't cry,rather pray for my safety,he began to caress her,he carried her from the bathroom to their room,he looked at her,he kissed her.In his mind,he was thanking Allah(s w t) for giving him such a beautiful and caring wife,he kissed her deeply,caressed her,felt her and that made her to sleep,so he slept also.
In the middle of the night she woke up to pray tahajjud,she asked Allah(s w t) to protect her husband and bring him back to her and her kids safely.
The next morning,she woke him up to get ready for his trip,she accompanied him to the door and bid him a safe trip.The house felt so empty to her without Aminu,the first night she could not sleep,the second day she could hardly eat, the third day she started crying,in the middle of her tears she had a knock on the door,knock,knock,who could it be? Amina asked.
She went to the door,opened the door all she could say was Subahanallah.........
Watch out for the finale of LET ME GO.
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