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Get Unlimited free mb on MTN
Do you know you can get upto 5GB free on MTN now? YES YOU CAN. The size of mb you will get will be determined by how hardworking you are!!

In essence if you are Hard Working enough, you can get 100gb.

NOTE: You will get 100mb per message sent.. So if you send 100 messages.. How many mb will you get? Calculate it!

Follow the below step to get the megabyte.. 

1. Send myApp to 131 you will receive a bonus of 100mb valid for 3 days. If your sim is eligible but 90% Sim tested are eligible. 

If you get it then move to step 2

2. Send "Stop MyApp" to "131".
3. Resend "MyApp"  to "131

How to check data balance ?
 *559 *4#

To send messages automatically and easily, download SMS Bomber from playstore. With the app, you can send thousands of messages with a click

You are free to comment below.
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