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LET ME GO (Finale)
Aminu,you are back?asked Amina,have you been crying? my love, asked Aminu,she burst into tears again,he came in and he closed the door.You are not suppose to be here until a week past,and then he said to her,i was done with the contract yesterday so i applied for an early flight and here i am,she looked at her husband,she hugged him tightly,could she be dreaming. Aminu pulled her back and held her hands,he kissed them and he said to her,Aminatu if there will be a next life,pleas marry no one but me,she looked at him kissed him on his lips and she said to him,Aminu if there will be a next life,pleas come for me,and she added,but if there won't be a next life, pleas hold my hand to Al-janatul Firdausi and he said to her i will hold your hands to Al-janatul Firdausi INN SHA ALLAH.
He looked at her,kissed her forehead and said to her i will always be faithful to you INN SHA ALLAH,and i will never let you go,so pleas don't ever ask me to let you go.
Written by Aisha Baba.
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