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The plan and new domain
The reason you are redirected to when you visit may still be unknown to pursuers until the moment you have the opportunity to read this thread. was previously (A site where intellects are shared). However, there was a radical request for the website to have a ( extension which is not the best idea at the moment. And to obey the Kings (users) I had to work on a new domain name that’s unique and attention capturing.

I had to conduct a lot of surveys before emerged as the new domain name to super But Wait!
Why Naijacore? And Who and what is the core about?
My name is Abdulrazaq Bashir (a.k.a General Okoh). is a new website established majorly to focus on updates in Nigeria. Updates ranging from sport, entertainment, technology, politics and news, relationship and advice, education etc.

Naijacore is a combination of two words, Naija (extracted from the word “Nigeria” which is widely used by a lot of bloggers), and Core (the most important part of something).

What and Who are the most important Part?
Of course, you are one of the most important parts! New threads time to time is also an important part. is a website with over 100 registered members/users! We want to penetrate the market of blogging with two things
1.      Firstly, we have all the feature a Blogging platform may ever have. And in fact more than what a blogging platform can have
2.      Secondly, We have all the features that a forum can have and more than that.

  • We have more than blogging platform because user posting is enabled with full user management. So far I have been surfing, I haven’t seen a blog with this feature.

  • Secondly, The website is like no other with features like user promotion, automated anti-spam, The best Post page [which is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor (makes posting looks like working on Microsoft word with font typefont sizeitalicboldStrikethrough, media insertion {eg. Youtube videos}, smileys Dope , quote and many other features], SSL certificate (https) which makes data going in and out of the website 99% secured. 

You are core to if you share us your posts, you can’t help the site to attain a first class status or compete in the arena without posting and promoting your posts. With our focus updates, we target Nigeria Internet perusers.

Without you there is no General Okoh, Without you, there won't be Gistladen, Without you there won't be Naijacore. I laud your efforts in making us great.

If you have interest in joining Naijacore Team, Reply below with "IT" and your phone number. Eg. IT 08099999999 or message mail us

Thanks in anticipation,
General Okoh
Dont hesitate to join the discussion,signup in less than 3 min.
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