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Report: UNIYD2017 with Rising Child Foundation
This is a report of the United Nations International Youth Day, 2017 hosted by Rising Child Foundation featuring Mr. Ebenezar Wikina. 

The world has gone through several phases of evolution in relation to communication. Every level of change has brought with it a new, improved and faster means of information transfer.

Remember when we had gongs and town criers? Or when homing pigeons were used to send messages?  Who would have reasoned just how fast we would experience a change in the world of information dissemination?

Our speaker; Mr Ebenezar Wikina, took us through memory lane, reliving history and revealing just how much change has occurred to our world of communication, up till his very moment of the internet.
According to him, the internet isn't just a new means of communication, but rather, a powerful tool that has been placed in the hands of the average youth today.  It has provided us with access to the entire world. integrating the population of 7billion people into a very small global village. A village void of barriers such as distance and languages. 

[Image: attachment.php?aid=46]

How Then Can Young People Harness All These Technology? 

He further went on to explain how youths can take great advantage of all the technological advancements available to them today.  He highlighted three (3) major ways of maximizing potentials available through social media :

Use Social Media To Learn:
With the massive flow of information into the media space, the availability of learning resources is at an all time high. Everyday new materials are uploaded, therefore providing a large range of data options to young people willing to learn something new.
Sites like EdX, Coursera, Ijnet, Udacity, Udemy and much more, are available for improving ones self and taking up new courses. The boundaries of learning has been brought down significantly, therefore excuses such as cost and distance should no longer be made.

Use Social Media To Network:
 Another great advantage of social media is the possibilities of meeting and exchanging ideas with a lot of amazing people. It is possible today to get access to virtual mentors. Or just correspond with people that are in similar fields. Or those that you have positive interest in.

Use Social Media To Promote Yourself:
One of the greatest advantage of social network is the voice it has given to the average Nigerian youth. People are constantly finding their voices, joining campaigns and being part of the decision making process in matters concerning them.
Ideas can be shared easily with just a few clicks. Pictures, stories, inventions, whatever it is;  can all be shared with millions of people globally through these media platforms.
Finally, he gave several tips on how to improve our social media experiences. Tips like;
  • Maintaining a standard name throughout your social media pages.
  • Building a genuine, strong and loyal following online. Don't buy followers though.
  • Engaging your networks (followers) regularly. Post constantly.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=45]

He concluded by saying; "Social media is obviously affecting the world today. In time, the way we do things would have changed significantly. . . Embrace this change. Explore new things. Learn. And don't be afraid to fail. "

Several important questions were asked, among which was the question on self discovery;

"How did you discover yourself?" -- His answers were broken down into three (3) parts;
  • He talked about reading and how important books can be while on the quest to self discovery. He even recommended a book he said helped him greatly while trying to discover himself.
The book, "the purpose driven life" by  Rick Warren; is a must read, according to him.
  • Discovering your talents was another point he highlighted on. What do you enjoy doing?  What gives you the most amount of joy? Beyond school and classroom, what direction does your passion point towards?
  • And finally, he spoke on Faith. How important it is to hold onto one's beliefs. Be certain what or who you believe in, and then put all your faith into that

On this note, the session ended.
It was a beautiful experience. An experience in which everyone who participated learnt a lot of new and exciting things. I am positive a lot of people are looking forward to another conference like this one. One that would leave it's participants gasping for more.
However, for those who aren't yet part of the social media, the best time to join this trend, was yesterday. The second best time, is today -- so what are you waiting for?!

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Twitter:       Rising child
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