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Nick the house girl episode 3 continuation
Me : No, don't worry, I'll make it myself, thanks

Sara : *smiled* thank you
( She left me there.. I stood up and walk straight to the kitchen to make tea for her, and also wondering how sara changed suddenly.. Hmmm,Nawaa o,,. I carried the tea cup and also brought bread, gave it to her,as she smiled to me again.. I went to my room.. I wasn't thinking of what tunde told me this time,I just focused on sara suddenly change. The day goes down,I used the detergent that was remaining to clean the house and make sure everything was neat.
I pocket the money my madam gave to me.. Sara on the other hand did not go for lectures she was home through out the day.. I was waiting for my madam and the visitor, I don't mind leaving the house,but i was never gonna go back to the village. #GOD FORBID
It was 7:30pm already.. I heard tunde opening the gate,finally it was madam,I was looking to see who the visitor was,but she wasn't so clear to me,because its getting dark, they both came in.. With the visitor carrying her bag.. Nicholas!!! I heard my name, I rushed down stairs, and my madam said to me.

Mrs Onome : where is sara?

Me : she is inside her room..

Mrs Onome : call her for me..

*i went to call sara, she followed me to the sitting room*

Mrs Onome : sweetheart, how are you?

Sara : Am fine mum,and how's work today?

Mrs Onome : it was fine dear.. Ok guys, meet yvonne. My cousin sister and yvonne meet my daughter sara and my house help, Nicholas.
Sara and Me : welcome yvonne

Yvonne : (to me and sara) Nice meeting to you both.

Mrs Onome : I'll be going on a business trip tomorrow, Yvonne will be here to assist Nick.. And also be the one to cook while am out, please Nick, I don't want you to misbehave or start following bad gangs. Take care of the house, and keep them safe, as you can see,you are now the man of the house. I'll be sending money to sara account for your feedings. And sara please,, always go for lectures just to make mummy proud.   

Sara : Ok mum *smiled*

Me : Thank you ma       

Mrs Onome : You may go.. Sara ,you and yvonne will share the same room ok?

Sara : Alright.

(We all dismiss,yvonne prepare the meal for that night, I assist her,she is so funny and she doesn't look like someone whom just came from village,we talked through out the preparation of the meal.. Until it was done.. We served dinner and everybody in the family ate including that werey boy called tunde.. I went to my room, this time. I was happier than ever. Took my bath,say my prayers and slept off.

I Can't wait to be the man of the house thou.
What do you think?

To be continued....
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