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4 major things to consider before hosting a Website
In order to publish a website online, you need a Web host. The Web host stores all the pages of your website and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet.

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There are four things to consider before hosting a website in Nigeria.

1. Uptime: This alludes to the time which the web host's server is active online, because of a few elements both controllable and wild, web servers can be offline. This is exceptionally unfavourable to your site since clients won't have the capacity to get to it and it can cause your Google positioning to drop subsequently you need to use a web server that assurances no less than a 99.9% uptime dependably. 

2. Security: Website Security is another important feature to watch out for before hosting a website with a hosting organization. An unprotected website will surely attract hackers who most often than not redirect your website traffic to a malicious, and possibly scam your website visitors or steal their data's.
This will lead to getting penalized by Google and also ranking your website lower. In essence, it's important to note that you host with a reputable hosting organization. And also, you can protect your website with Cloudflare and other reputable CDN. 
Make sure you install a reputable plugin (security) on your website. Wordfence and Sucuri Security Plugin are one of the most reputable plugins for WordPress. 
[Image: 1_27_09_17_7_29_31.png]
3. Cost: Here in, we refer to the cost of the setup of the host service. Some hosting organization are very cunning enough to lure unsuspecting customers by removing some needed feature and putting it up for additional charges (Hidden Charges).
For example, a hosting organization may set their monthly charge at $1, and $3 for cPanel, $.5 for Email feature, $3 For unlimited bandwidth. Here in, it will be noted that the hosting organization is cunning in the sense that after purchasing the $1 Monthly hosting plan which is $12 in a year, customers will need cPanel for better navigation and others, the charges are already equal to the rate reputable organization will charge.

4. Ease of Migration: A time will come your website will be larger than the mini-plan you may subscribe to. So how easy will it be for you to migrate from the organization or plan to another? This is an important thing you should conduct a research on. Although you can read here how to migrate your website without requesting your organization to help you do it.
Some hosting organizations will put a data cap on your account which will prevent you from easier migration. But with the help of the link above, you can still defeat the cap(s).

Have you hosted with any hosting organization before? 
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