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Nexus between Blockchain and Bitcoin
The two conceptual words here are Bitcoin and Blockchain. A lot of crypto newbies will likely have a problem in finding out what the two concepts really connotes. Some people that are unable to distinguish between the two will likely accept and agree that bitcoin and blockchain are the same. 

Consequently, however, it must be known that the scope and potential of Blockchain is far beyond Bitcoin. That is, the concept of blockchain covers a lot of ranges than Bitcoin. Initially, Blockchain was designed/created for Bitcoin, blockchain consequently, has provided the means for other cryptocurrencies to spring up. 

It should be noted that Blockchain served as a transparent and secure way of processing all kinds of data. Just like the internet enables its users to send e-mails, shop online and much more, blockchain can be applied to record keeping, voting procedures, financial instruments and a whole lot of other stuff.

Bitcoin is a currency and had the power to make transactions untraceable, but with blockchain, things are entirely different. Blockchain can make every transaction transparent and permanent. The blockchain is designed with the ability to have permanent records of the transactions so that people at any time can check those records online in real time.
Why Blockchain will remain forever, even if Bitcoin dies(nearly impossible)
Blockchain can be used by traditional institutions like banks to increase the efficiency of their transactions. With the use of Blockchains, they can record all transactions done by their customers, as opposed to recording all that data with different types of software that become outdated every few years or month. Data's like inter-customer and interbank transfers can be recorded using blockchain. 

Blockchain services can allow users to engage in high-value currency transactions in which processing times have been instant or within seconds.

Blockchain can be used to completely change how banking computing looks like for the entire industry.

Blockchain can easily transfer everything from property rights to stocks and currencies without having to go through a middleman and clearing institution like SWIFT, while offering the same safety, higher speed and lower costs.

These outstanding benefits of blockchain have made the same governments that have been attacking bitcoin, express great interest in blockchain by joining a coalition to implement it into mainstream practice. In addition to those large financial institutions, Visa, NASDAQ, Citi, and others have agreed to be clients for blockchain related services and technology.

You should now be able to distinguish between Blockchain and Bitcoin... 

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