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99% working methods to seduce a man
A few women really comprehend what can seduce a man while in a relationship, and they generally utilize it further bolstering their own advantage. 

What's more, obviously the organic product is various. In spite of the fact that, these qualities can pull in men to be specific, good behaviour, nice curves, and pretty face, however, there are something more. Have you ever wonder how those girls that lack the above can seduce a man more than those with the qualities?

The following are 4 things every man will want a girl to possess. 
By shortcoming, we are not discussing somebody not possessed the capacity to stand up and guard herself when she is worn out, yet some guys have over and again affirmed to me that they are happy when their girls call them to come and help them to explain a few issues like conundrums or stuffs that way. Each man has an inner self, and they will like to learn how to massage it a little.
[Image: 1_16_10_17_12_15_36.jpeg]
  • Applying cosmetics 
In spite of the fact that a decent number of guys gripe a lot seeing girls apply cosmetics or spend so much cash purchasing this cosmetics. I need to tell you in clear terms that some guys genuinely get a kick out of the chance to watch their girls apply cosmetics. There is a unique happiness that originates from watching lady apply the cosmetics. 

  • Wearing glasses 
This is normal, most girls in glasses are more wonderful or gorgeous. In any case, I have met girls that think wearing glasses make them be ugly; you will continue wearing it on the off chance that you just know how wonderful you are the point at which you wear glasses!
  • Smile
A lot of guys would agree that a smiling and flirty woman is far more approachable than a depressed or frightening woman. When you are in the middle of conversations with the a guy try to smile more often. It will make you seem easy going and happy to him which will inturn draw him to you. But don’t smile too much ("bi agbado sunsun") as that will make it obvious that you want something from him.
[Image: 1_16_10_17_12_16_08.jpeg]
  • Stop taking action
When you feel that things are going too jejely between the two of you, stop taking action, that is, stop giving him attention. This doesn't mean not asking how his day was but stop the BIG attention. A man usually takes things easy when he feels like he is having a great time with a girl. So don’t ever let him feel that you are already attracted and impressed by him. The best thing to do is to ignore him now and then, or just play hard to get with him. It will shake up his self-confidence, and make him woo you even harder than before.

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