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Masaba, Nigeria's Islamic scholar with 97 wives dies
Popular Nigerian Islamic scholar with 97
wives, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Bello
Masaba, is dead.
Masaba reportedly died after a brief illness
Masaba reportedly died at 93 after he
slumped twice in the morning of
Saturday, January 28, 2017 following a
brief illness.
The Eagle Online reports that the
deceased’s personal assistant, Alhaji
Mutairu Salawudeen Bello, confirmed
the incident saying: “With gratitude to
Allah (SWT), we announce the death of
Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Bello this

“He was aged 93 years. He died after a
brief illness.
“The Janiza prayer and interment is
slated for tomorrow (Sunday) by 10am.”
Disclosing that the scholar died at about
2 pm on Saturday, Bello added that
Masaba knew he would die and was
prepared for it.
“Baba had told us that his time was up.
“He told me personally during his last
moment that he has completed his divine
assignment and was ready to meet his
“He told us to remain dedicated to the
cause of Islam and urged us all not to
deviate from all his teachings on
righteousness, piety and total submission
to the will of Allah.
“He warned us to shun adultery, but
that we should marry our women
because it is ‘Hallal’ before Allah.”
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