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Nokia AVA cognitive services platform
What is Nokia AVA? 

Nokia AVA cognitive services platform offers readiness to manage a multitude of connected applications
Our Nokia AVA cognitive services platform delivers today’s services quickly and flawlessly. It also helps you prepare for the Internet of Things when near 100% availability will be essential to manage the multitude of connected applications.
Today, fewer than 5 billion people are connected. Yet by 2025, there will be 50 billion interconnected ‘things’, including devices and sensors for health monitoring, field operations, power generation, smart metering, automotive and for recreation.
Our Nokia AVA cognitive services platform is ready to support the network speed, accuracy and data processing that will be needed. The platform integrates cloud-based delivery, intelligent analytics and extreme automation to deliver instant and flawless personalized services. 
Nokia AVA prepares you for tomorrow’s programmable world in which near perfect performance will be essential to manage the multitude of connected applications.
The platform supports our Care services (including Predictive Care), Optimization services (including Predictive Optimization), Network implementation and Managed services. Available today are services for Nokia Care and multi-vendor Predictive Optimization, while other services will follow shortly. 

Robotics in service delivery



Nokia AVA


[Image: nokia_cognitive-services_infographic_050216_0.jpg]

  • Improved network performance for near 100 percent service availability for a better subscriber experience
  • Predictive Care Real time monitoring for Packet Core achieves 98% accuracy in identifying anomalies (indicating a future degradation) across 3,000 KPIs 
  • Automated root cause analysis solves some cases in minutes instead of hours
  • Predictive Optimization for services like VOLTE reduces SRVCC by 20 % 
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