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6 Distinct Methods to increase your Adsense Revenue/Earning
A lot of Bloggers are most often down due to low earning or revenue from Google Adsense. This is not really Google doing, Bloggers/Publishers contribute largely to some of the low earning reasons. I will like to identify below, the six (6) distinct methods or ways to increase Adsense revenue or earnings. 
1. Target High Cost-Per-Click Keywords
I have recently found out that Google Adsense tends to display the adverts that are relevant to the contents of a website page. Here in, the keywords of the content will determine the adverts to be posted. For example, if your keywords relate to music, then you should know better that, music relating adverts will be displayed on your page. 

[Image: 1_19_10_17_1_43_32.jpeg]

Normally, in keyword research probably, using Google keyword tool you will find out a function showing the Cost Per Click of the keyword. Always, write and publish on or about High Cost Per Click Keywords. Focus on high CPC keywords to get paid honourably and better.

2.    Optimize your website.
Generally speaking, website optimization means a lot to not only google bots (or other search engines) but humans too. In the contemporary world, there is “no time to check time”.

One of the most important means of optimizing a website is making it load like a rocket. There is no time to waste on slow websites. And in fact, a website if care is not taken can lose traffic all because of speed.

[Image: 1_19_10_17_1_21_16.png]

So how does website speed affect AdSense? Google AdSense tends to display more relevant and highly bid ads on faster websites. Most bloggers on WordPress due to lack of technical know-how may likely install plugins for everything. That doesn’t sound good, however, having more than 10 Plugins active on WordPress website will likely slow down your website. However, I will recommend for any blogger reading this to make use of the following things so as to get high CPC ads and spaces.

  • Enable caching for your blog: Enabling caching will help in making sure your website load faster. Some files will be stored on user’s device and whenever he tried to load your website instead of the files to load from your website, it will just load from his device and that will make your website faster and save bandwith. To enable caching care must be taken so as to not cache non-static files. For example, article feed on your website shouldn’t be cached, but things like images, site logo, and possibly, the header of your site may be cached so as to make your website load faster.
  • Download WP-Rocket Plugin: If you don’t have this plugin on WordPress and you are a Blogger, you are definitely missing a lot. If you don’t know how to get this plugin, you can reach me by emailing me on here or by sending a private message to General Okoh And you can also get free support by creating a thread here.
  • Make sure you don’t have up to 15 Plugins: Although Plugin on WordPress help to keep your website ahead others, however, they are also dangerous a time. Some plugins may exploit your data although, WordPress is always trying to reduce this with Updates. Some users can run two security plugins, this cant secure your website. Instead of using two plugins, get one that’s is good. I will recommend Word-Fence here. BEWARE OF PLUGINS!!
  • Don’t miss Plugin, theme or WordPress Update: Update most often are release so as to block exploitation. So why should you not update your plugins and WordPress? Don’t ever miss an update and don’t forget to always backup before new updates.
  • Avoid heavy customization: Most often, a lot of bloggers out there don’t know heavy customization affects websites performance. I have seen a website load for 20 Seconds before. Heavy customization can’t help your website, let the design be unique and simple. SIMPLICITY IS THE WAY!!
  • Use WP-Smush Plugin to compress and minify images on your website: Heavy pictures won’t help your website than damage it. It's website for common people not for FBI. You are not presenting a Project!! Compressing and minifying images hardly make images to lose quality. So, compress your images and minify them for optimization sake.
There is an advantage for Blogger users here too. You don’t need to minify or compress images. The feature is already included in Bloggers scripts.

I will continue with the part two of this post which will contain the hidden parts of increasing revenue of adsense after this thread has gone viral. I didn’t write this post for personal use but rather for public use. Please try and share the link with fellow bloggers. 

The second part is ready but I need to know if I am not the only one reading this post. Let's get comments from you and possibly share the post and share the link below. 

Thanks in anticipation!!

Watch out for the enormous Part II

Click here to Read the Second Part
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