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6 Distinct Methods to increase your Adsense Revenue/Earning II
I earlier published the part one of this article here, if you haven't gone through it, you are recommended to read it and then continue with this one. I will continue with the third method of increasing your Adsense earnings below.

3.    Link your Google Adsense Account With Google Analytics
One of the most important things to increase your earning from Google Adsense is by linking your Adsense Account with Google Analytics. You can get low clicks and low-quality ads if Google is getting your traffic statistics wrongly. Surely, you will be paid an unfair amount.
[Image: 1_19_10_17_1_43_32.jpeg]
Google Analytics is an online application that helps in getting visitors statistics for your site. It is very important to link analytics with your Adsense so that Google will know where your traffic is coming from and what ads to display.

So, to link Google Adsense and Analytics together, Visit Google Adsense, login to your profile, check your Dashboard and head to settings then select Google Analytics integration. After that follow the prompt and you have successfully integrated or link your Adsense and Analytics together.

Cheers, don’t forget to register and ask your questions, we provide free support at naijacore community on Wordpress, Mybb and Bloggers. Feel free to ask your question.

4.    Ads placement has a major effect on your earning too
I hope you believe this, but you don’t have alternative more than to. The most important and top means of earning more and more is adverts placement.

If you paste your adverts in the “blind-spot”, you should expect or await “blind” result. In essence, avoid pasting your ads code where you know readers won't see it.

One of the best and the best of advert placement is the one pasted within the threads/posts. Always make sure you make a certain location 250 x 300 text ads after the third paragraph within your threads/posts.
In essence, make sure to place at least 3 ads within your article and at the lower body of the article.

5.    Activate and use Link Ads
Link ads is also another means of increasing your Adsense revenue. Do you know link advert units are appealing?

Yes! and that is why advertisers offer huge CPC for it because of its good click-through-rate (that is, percent at which readers are probably going to click on it). Displaying link adverts can get you a dollar per click which largely depends on how much you optimize your website.

So to increase earning using this method, set new AD unit and make it link ads. So work on quality keywords and you will get quality income from this method.
The last method which is just going to be a warn like option so as to stay safe with Adsense is

6.    Do not Display more than 6 AD units per page.
Before now, Google used to ban Adsense accounts which furnished more than 3 AD units on a page. They only lifted the ban last year but not completely. I will advise you to use a maximum of 6 AD unit per page. Don’t be greedy, Google Adsense is more greedy and in fact smarter than you.

Let's suppose you have only 6 Adverts on a page that’s utilized with quality keywords, don’t you think its better than a page with 10 Ads Unit without utilization and quality keywords?
According to research, display your 6 ads unit as follow for better earning.
  • AD Unit should be in the header (Responsive unit), and Sidebar(Responsive unit); This is for Homepage.
  • Enable Sidebar adverts in post page (Recommended) and display six AD units within posts (Beginning, predicate and end of post); To do this automatically on WordPress, you can get Easy Adsense Plugin.
  • For those using a mobile theme, initiate Anchor/overlay ads while maintaining a number of AD units to 6 per page.
  • Keep all AD units Link and 250 x 300 Text/Image units.
Don’t forget to join the naijacore community. You mean a lot to us!!

Click hereto read the first part
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