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Difference between hosted and non hosted Adsense
The difference between hosted and non-hosted Adsense has gained the attention of a lot of bloggers as they try to differentiate between the two. 

I will analyze the two types of Adsense below. It should, however, be noted that after the analysis, you should be able to select or choose the appropriate Adsense for you. 

I will like to begin with Hosted Adsense, what is hosted Adsense Account?

Hosted Adsense Account is a type of Google Adsense account whereby adverts publishers are permitted to publish advertisements from google hosted domain names and partner programs only. 
[Image: 1_19_10_17_1_43_32.jpeg]
If you have a website with custom domain name, eg, .com, .org, .info, .ng, etc, or an application hosted outside Google you are not permitted to publish ads through this type of Adsense Account.

Registration of a hosted Adsense account is easier compared to the latter. However, to get this type of Adsense Account, you need to sign up for the Adsense programme through Google-owned products (like Blogger and Youtube)

Non-hosted Adsense Account without definition should be crystal clear to you now that it's just an opposite of the hosted Adsense. Non-hosted Adsense Account works perfectly for Custom Domain names and applications hosted outside Google Programs. 

There are two major ways to get a non-hosted Adsense account. It is either you apply to Adsense program with a custom domain name or you upgrade a hosted account to a non-hosted one. 

Here in, One of the major means of identifying the two types of account is that "hosted account" will be legibly written at the top of Publishers Dashboard of Hosted Adsense Account in Red.

Comparison of the features of the two accounts
  • Hosted Adsense Account
1. Hosted Adsense accounts approval is easier compare to non-hosted Adsense accounts.
2. With Hosted Adsense Account you can make money from Youtube and associated live events.
3. Hosted Adsense accounts can only be served from websites hosted on the Google platform, i.e. Youtube, Blogger and Hubpages

  • Non-Hosted Adsense Account
1. With non-hosted Adsense Account youtube and its live events, either your website is hosted on google or not, you can earn money through it using non-hosted Adsense accounts.
2. This account at the same time, allows you to earn using windows and mobile apps
3. Non-hosted accounts are fully activated and you don’t need to apply for an upgrade

The similarities between the two types of accounts

The hosted and non-hosted Adsense account Cost Per Click (CPC) and Page Revenue Per Thousand Impressions (RPM), including other parameters reported, are measured in the same way. You earn the same amount of money using any of the two accounts, so don't think maybe you will earn more with one or the other. You can also read on how to increase your earnings here for the first part and here for the second part. 

It should also be noted that, If you want to upgrade your hosted account to a non-hosted one, you will have to submit an upgrade review request from your Adsense publisher dashboard using the custom domain you want to use for the non-hosted account. 

If your request is successful, you won’t need to submit other domains before you place ads codes on them. Just ensure they are Adsense policy compliant to keep your account safe. 

Conclusively, note that you can earn reasonably from Adsense if you utilize your web pages well!
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