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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have a Blog
Generally speaking, a lot of scholars argue that there is nothing with an advantage without a disadvantage. So, blogging exists as a means of promoting writing and educating people on a lot of area of specification. We have many types of blog ranging from educational blog to entertainment to technology and many others. 

People blog for a lot of reasons, however, in the contemporary world, a lot of people start to blog so as to earn money which is the last thing a blogger should aim.
[Image: 1_27_10_17_12_13_43.jpeg]
One of the most dangerous mistakes made by bloggers is putting money first. This forced a lot of bloggers to purchase unhosted Adsense Account which is likely to be blocked if care is not taken. If you read Google Adsense terms and condition carefully, you will see some kind of a bottleneck restricting you from writing everything you can write on online.

A lot of Adsense account was blocked because bloggers did not carefully read the Terms of the organization which will surely earn them nothing more than being banned by the Ad network.

In essence, putting money first is a grave mistake. If you want to blog to make money... Shuu.. Blogging isn’t for you. It’s better to find something else to do online instead of blogging.

Let’s go to the main objective, blogging is mainstream to fulfil one's dream. The dream here can also be referred to as what a blogger wants out of blogging.

Although, planning to earn from blogging is the best means of keeping yourself in the business, however, don’t plan to earn in a year after you possess a blog. Don’t rely on what you get from blogging. Don’t blog to earn quick money, it's not a Ponzi scheme: MMM. It took Makinde and Linda years of hardworking, so why do you think you can make it in just a few months?

In blogging, however, there are some things that you ought to know so as to keep yourself in the business:

  • Running a Blog Requires a Lot of Time: For blogs to be viable to Search Engines, and to get visitors/traffic or perusers, it should be updated time to time with new posts. The complement of running a blog is at the end to receive some money that one can use to expand the blog and grease the running maybe by hiring article writers and rewriters. In here, you must sort posts on a daily basis which may require a lot of time.
[Image: 1_27_10_17_12_05_32.jpeg]
  • You are required to be innovative with posts you publish: There are billions of websites out there. You can’t start any type of blog on the web today without competitors, in order to defeat or stay ahead of your competitors, you should be able to offer something different from what others are offering. So how do you plan to be innovative with your blog? Using on-page or off-page Search Engine Optimization? Awarding best readers? You have to be innovative, you can’t create a blog like naijaloaded and expect people to visit your website whereas naijaloaded is still alive. In the contemporary world, creativity and innovation are REQUIRED!!
  • You may never earn what you spend: Yes, you can spend money on blogging and get nothing in return. It’s very very possible, as earlier posited, a lot of bloggers go out of the business. You can blog for money but not for quick money. So herein, you may never realize how much you spend if you are not creative or innovative enough. Offer what others cannot offer, provide the latest update, let users know why they should read what you post. Don’t use “Dictionary Search” English while composing posts. Don’t heavy load your website. You spend money on data and also you may hire people for one or two things.. You may never be able to realize such money back if your blog didn’t get enough means of revenue generation.
[Image: 1_27_10_17_12_05_26.jpeg]
  • The result is not quick: Blogging is one of the slowest means of earning online. It’s very difficult to get to the top in few months, as earlier said, it took some 5 Years, some lesser and others, more than that.
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