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VIVA VOCE: Silence We Will Be No More
My birth brought blessings unto my home, so they say. Though I understand not, I believe with their flow of emotions and the  joy I felt with every hand that touched  me and in return I giggled believing I will forever be cherished with every stare I received. 


Time passed, and change can’t be stopped as I evolved with every passing moment and then I understand things can’t always be what it seems. Love has been turned to hostility and attention to negligence, why? Because I am a child and I have a role to play in the survival of my home. But then I say I am a child not a victim. “Who cares?” I asked. “I do” I answered. I have needs and only when my needs are met will my home be sustained forever. I no longer want to be a product of circumstance but a product of the positive seeds you have sown. Remember you reap what you sow. 

Perhaps I have been quiet for long because I thought I am only a child and so my negligible idea has no effect on what affects me, and with humility spanning from my innocence I accepted every vile coming from your Ignorance because I want to believe you do not know of my needs. Now I have decided to speak, but just before I opened my mouth I felt a touch on my back, followed by a voice that says speak for me too. I turned and right before me lies an endless queue of voices that are willing to be heard. 

So silence we will be no more, because now we understand that though we are but a child, your tomorrow can only be made perfect by us.   
Therefore “VIVA VOCE” with a living voice we will speak and you will listen. Every last Sunday of the month you are going to feel the weight of our heart because we will speak and you will hear us.

Written by @ormoret for Rising Child Foundation.
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