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Girls: Difference Between F*cking Guys and Real Guys
Below I will analyze the differences between guys that will just f*ck you till you run and guys that are ready to carry you home.

1. Future: Real guys will always talk about his future with his kids and you together. F*cking guy in the other hand, doesn't care about your future together. All what he wants is F*cking and F*ucking till you run or get tired. 

Real Guys in here will always talk about spending his future with you, will always cover his future story with you included in it. He WILL never miss any part of the story without you. He will never think without putting your consideration as priority.

2. Play-time: F*ucking boys will not have enough time to spend with you. If the time is even enough according to the time you deserve one thing will be missing which is commitment because you are not the only one on the F*cking list..

Real guys will always give you enough and adequate time with the presence of commitment. F*cking guys don't care who you go out with or what you do on the street but with Real Guys your privacy will always be violated because they will always want to know how you are spending your time.

3. F*ucking guys are not concerned about your future, your talent/creative/innovative ideology. They don't care on how you can invest those talents for the benefit of the family in making. He is majorly concerned about the current ongoings and how to enjoy the ongoings to the peak and after the peak you can guess what's next (Break up). 

The real guys will take your life as his own, he will encourage you to promote whatever skill you have even if its against his will he will still support you. The real guy will support and encourage for better future and how you can achieve your goals easier because he will see your life as his own so whatever you achieve as his own.

4. He’ll test you and see what buttons he can push. He wants to see how much you’re willing to give even when he doesn’t reciprocate things. While with the guy you will marry, everything you give you get back and for the first time, it doesn’t feel like you’re trying too hard to make a relationship work.

5. The guy you are dating just wants S*x with you. He is not that patient and always thinks to use you for his pleasure. He will use everything to trap you. While the guy, you will marry, will want everything with your consent. He will want to marry you before things get too serious.

6. The guy you are dating has sexual goals focused on his pleasure. He doesn’t care how you feel or what it means to you as he is finding pleasure in you. The guy you will marry will try to find new sexual goals that focus on your pleasure and it has little to do with his pleasure.

7. The guy you date meets you at a place of common of drinking, partying and sleeping together. The guy you will marry wouldn’t meet at a bar and he will want you to meet somewhere that interests both of you- a place that connects you both. From there you build the future of your relationship based on that.

8. The guy you date lets you pay and has many excuses to not pay at the restaurant. While the guy you will marry never lets you pay bills and always comes forward before the server asks for the bill.

9. The guy you date won’t talk about feelings. He doesn’t know how he feels about you. He might like you. He might like being with you sometimes. But he is not the guy who can make you feel secure. The guy you marry isn’t afraid to say I love you first. The guy, you will marry wants, you to know he’s completely in love with you. He’ll say it without even thinking twice about it because he feels lucky to even have you. You look him in the eyes and you see the next fifty years in front of you.
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